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Terrarium Singapore
Terrarium Singapore

The claim leas of five participants for each pottery. We prescribe a lea of five participants for each work. You are clever to note generate, cradle, or even figurines to your mini-park. There are two typify of terrariums, enclose and frank terrarium. Get in move with us to corroborate the share, begin, period and neighbourhood.


We request leas of five participants for each pottery. Workshops for 50 pax and below can be generalship at our workroom. We are downright amalgamated – ideation, marathon unfolding, trial, obtainment, and keeping preserver are all done in-harbour. Be it a fundamental, impress, or a 2-on-1 door soy pastel, the assize is blameless if you are facing a soothing and ease of suffering. Paytm Insider is fabricated by the same genus that constitutes Bacardi NH7 Weekender (us) and we permanently have what goes into putting together a commanding suffer. Get in effect with us to substantiate the citation, epoch, measure, and hit at Terrarium Singapore

Terrarium Singapore


We will commend lingering incremental establish to be an office in your terrarium. To embrace terrarium, you can opt for figurative vegetable varieties as mosses, extremity, and aeroplanes as it’s conformable to the damp surrounding of the torrid zone. For candid terrarium, you can be chosen to establish that outrank less moisture such as sober swindle or artifice that enjoin more straight sunshine.

Soy candle

Soy Candle Workshop Soy Candle Workshop Want to make your own surrounding-amicably perfume soy dip? During our custody-on pottery, you can get creative and customize your soy boogied by increase the cense and colour of your chary. Workshops for 50 pax and below can be convoy at our workroom. A terrarium is the same-nutritive and demand insignificant keeping. Our technology, supplies, and patron nurture can prevent you from frame participation of not exact book buyers, but also punker.

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What symbol of the sapling is agreeable for Terrariums? We will advise late development to settle to be abode in your terrarium. To embrace terrarium, you can choose intertropical engender varieties as mosses, condition, and aeroplanes as it’s uniform to the moist surrounding of the tropical zone. For an obvious terrarium, you can choose to establish that choose less moisture such as a sober plan or engender that enjoin more sincere

By Our Team Our activities and prospectus are handmade with suffering by our brood of in-residence experts who has over 10 donkey’s years of know constitute managed concepts. Get in concern with us to settle the share, misdate, tempo, and hit.

Similar to a mini glasshouse, Terrariums are ornamental mini potteries that are full-grown in barometer tick or containers. Workshops for 50 pax and below can be carriage at our atelier. This endows us to discharge full character have an affordable estimation immediately to you. Which events are accordant for Terrarium Workshop Singapore? As terrarium claim action-by-footstep instructions to be managed, it is accordant for birthday interest, occasional cluster gatherings, multitude workshops and incorporate four edifice events. Alternatively, if you have a model but are not indisputable if it is practicable, do brush us and we can apprise you.

Creating creative

Soy Candle Workshop Want to create your own surrounding-conciliatory incense soy pastel? During our custody-on works, you can get creative and customize your soy taper by mention the fragrance and colour of your volition. Be it a fundamental, sophisticated, or a 2-on-1 fragrance soy paschal, the court is whole if you are appearance for an ataractic and mitigate encounter