What is the purpose of the warranty card of electronic products?

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In this world, more than half the people might have heard the name Rolex but they would not have seen it. Anyhow Rolex is the name of a brand of Watch Company that is accepted as one of the most expensive and recognizable watch brands around the world. Even a local branded watch has hundred series in it which are differentiated by its cost and outlook. Rolex Daytona is considered as one of the most expensive Rolex watches which have its name from one of the popular Hollywood superstars. And there is the cheapest watch from Rolex which cost just three thousand dollars. This content lets us discuss the difference between real and fake Rolex watches and also about the fake rolex card .

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Nearly fifty percent of people would like to buy a costlier product at less cost. When the limit crosses their fixed price then the person would ask the seller to reduce the price for the product. So every person can understand the value of money and this makes the person find a cheaper product with good quality. Whenever we used to buy some of the costlier electronics products people would expect and feel about the security. This is why most of the topmost brand sellers prefer to add additional security for their customers while a customer buys the product. For example, a warranty card is one of the security guards for every product.

Why Rolex is always being as one of the costlier watch companies in the world?

Rolex like top manufacturing companies are also providing the warranty card for their products. In most cases, electronics selling companies would provide only five years of warranty for their products. But Rolex is providing five years of warranty for their watches and the buyer could able to claim his security for the watches if he faces any issue with it. Anyhow the warranty card will be valid only until the end of the fifth year from the date of manufacture. And this kind of warranty can be claimed only if the customer bought the watch from the Rolex retailer. In case the watch is bought from a non-retailer then the watch owner cannot able to claim the warranty even using the card he holds with him.

Only if you are the first buyer of the watch you could be able to claim for warranty issue if not then you cannot able to get access to it. So people who are interested in a Rolex watch for second-hand should be careful to have the details while claiming the warranty card. In the previous days, they used to add on some papers within the watch box and the customer can able to verify his warranty issues just by claiming the paper. And now they have been updated the warranty card which looks green with the white mixed harder card. In each card, we can see the serial number and the actual model of the watch. While purchasing the watch the retailer would add on the date of purchase of the watch and by using this we could able to calculate how long the warranty would be valid.