Admin office change

E-SPECTATIONS CONSULTING CC is now running the SMSwarehouse Inc. billing, tech support and admin office.

International banking:

This change was required due to changes in the International law which took effect in 2016.  E-SPECTATIONS CONSULTING CC is a registered South African company (Registration number 2001/002184/23).  The company obtained required permission from the South African Reserve Bank to trade with its suppliers in Europe.  All supplier agreements are renewed on an annual basis.

E-SPECTATIONS CONSULTING has a Euro foreign currency account at a local bank enabling the company to receive and make payments in Euro, allowing customers not to be affected by the exchange rates.

Technical support and server:

Nothing changed on the technical side.  Our platform is hosted at a data center in the Netherlands with software engineering services outsourced to a third party.  Our server runs SMPP 3.4 custom installation backed by our HTTP API which clients may use to integrate the SMS services into their websites.

Routes and suppliers:

Our suppliers range from tier 1 connections to aggregated routes.  Operator restrictions apply where indicated on the routes we use.  We aim to provide clients with reliable and stable services.



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